Our Process

Course Kickoff

In the kickoff meeting, we’ll refine the learning objectives to be certain we’re approaching the course development from the correct direction. We will also develop the initial course outline in the meeting as well as reach agreement on the timeline and deliverables. This meeting should include all key Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) who will be providing content and feedback for the course and any technical team members responsible for the course’s implementation on your Learning Management System. 


Script Development

In this phase, we will be writing the narrative and visual directions for the course based on the established learning objectives. If video elements are required, we will develop the dialog, shooting instructions and visual transitions. There will be two draft reviews of the content before we move forward.




During the storyboarding process, we build the structure and branching of the course. Photo, graphics and text are combined into the course design software following your company's preferred color guidelines. Placeholders are added for learning interactions and videos to be added in the next phase.


Course Development

After storyboarding approval, the course is built in Articulate Storyline 2. All the design elements planned from the beginning are fully implemented and tested in the course. Approved video and audio production is produced at this time and imported into the course.



Team Review, Course Testing and Approval

At this point, your team will review a fully-functional version of the course online. The course will also be tested on a variety of systems to be sure it will function correctly and reliably. Any required adjustments will be made before final approval.



Finalization and Launch on LMS

On approval, we will provide the course for upload to your LMS for testing and launch. If you need your own branded LMS, we can help with the evaluation, selection and implementation of an LMS that meets your training needs.



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